Courses for pewter bracelets

Be creative!

We all need to be creative to feel and thrive better in life. There are many studies that show the connection between creativity and a positive health impact.

Making pewter bracelets can be your hobby or your job.

With us, you can take a course with one of us as a course leader. You then get individual help, it is nice to meet and be creative with other people.

Basic course

Here you get individual help and you learn the basics of making a bracelet. Everyone makes the same model of bracelet. Color is optional and selected before you come to the course. You get a nice wooden box for your bracelet. You can also choose to buy more starter kits to make more bracelets at home. After the course, it is good to make bracelets at home, then it is easier to remember how you did.

Length: Until your bracelet is ready. Approx. 3 hours.

Number of participants: 3-8.

Location: Boden municipality in Sörbyn or Vittjärv. Suggestions elsewhere are possible.

Tea/coffee break are included. Report any allergies and if you are allergic to dogs.

Price: 695 SEK. All materials needed are included.

Price with extra material for more bracelets of the same model (color is optional): SEK 155 per bracelet.

All day

Here you make which models of bracelets you want with access to our entire range of materials. Here it is only the imagination that sets the limits!

Duration: 7 hours.

Number of participants: 5-8.

Location: Boden municipality in Sörbyn or Vittjärv.

Coffee is included and lunch can either be included or that you bring your own. Report any allergies and if you are allergic to dogs.

Get in touch if you are interested and for price information. Since everyone makes the model they want, materials are not included in the price. After the course, you can choose from all the materials and buy more to do at home.

Several meetings

Can look different. Based on a starter kit or that you make which models you want. You choose the number of meetings yourself.

Length: approx. 2 hours

Number of participants: 5-8.

Location: Boden municipality in Sörbyn or Vittjärv.


In addition to pewter bracelets, we can also hold courses for dog collars / horse headbands or weapon straps.


Courses for people from other countries
We also have courses designed for people from other countries to take a course for a few days. The number of participants is then from one person and the course is designed according to you. The language is Swedish or English. Hotels and cottages are nearby within walking distance. In addition to the course, you get to experience fresh air and the nature of northern Sweden. Read more about accommodation and activities here.

You can also take the basic course which is approx. 3 hours. Then the number of participants is 3-8 people (Read more above).


Video courses
We also offer a video course. Ideal for those who live far away and a good alternative during the corona pandemic. The video for the basic course is based on our starter kit and it is free. You order the starter kit on our webshop and can watch the video on our youtube channel. The basic course is available in Swedish and English.


Interest registration

Specify food allergies and if you are allergic to dogs.